Tile Layer

(a) Tile Layer/Setter Work includes the following:

  • The laying, cutting or setting of all tile where used for floors, walls, ceilings, walks, promenade roofs, exterior veneers, stair treads, stair risers, facing, hearths, fireplaces, and decorative inserts, together with any marble plinths, thresholds or window stools used in connection with any tile work; also to prepare and set all concrete, cement, brickwork or other foundations or material that may be required to properly set and complete such work.
  • The cutting of all tile by machinery or tools on the job site.
  • The application of a coat or coats of mortar, prepared to proper tolerance to receive tile on floors, walls and ceilings, regardless of whether the mortar coat is wet or dry at the time the tile is applied to it.
  • The setting of all tile with mortar, asphalt and/or sand where the bed is floated, screeded, slabbed or buttered.
  • The setting of all tile by the adhesion method with organic and/or inorganic thin-bed bonding materials where such bonding material is applied to the backing surface and/or the back of the tile units or sheets of tile.
  • The rough-in, floating, screeding, beating, rubbing and finishing of all tile work, including the setting of all fixtures, rods, accessories, cap and tile, including all other preparatory work required to complete all the installations.
  • The installation of waterproofing membranes, accessories, and the insertion of decorative tile inserts in other materials.
  • The setting, sealing and installation of prefabricated tile systems.

(b)  Tile Finisher’s Work includes mixing mortar, cleaning and grouting all tiles set by the Tile.

Layer, handling all sand, cement, lime, tile and other materials and all chemicals that may be used in tile installation after being delivered to the job.

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